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camheadshot.NO background.-273x300.jpgCameron Dunlap here, so excited you stopped by to see everything there is to offer. No doubt we feel like we have some of the best tools and resources around and can really help you step up your game. We have everything from software, to specific training materials, to subscription sites to everything that you basically need as a real estate investor to succeed in real estate today.

First off we have iFlip. iFlip is a software CRM tool that allows you to manage your real estate deals and not only just real estate deals but also your bird dogs. It teaches your bird-dog, then trains them on exactly what you’re looking for. There’s a mailing piece in it that allows you to send mailings out your customers, there is a social media piece where you can display all your properties via social media, there is a tool that allows you to determine the value, there’s literally everything that you need in order to really take your business to a whole new level.

Then we also have the Cash Buyer Data Feed. This data feed is a compilation of all the can cash buyers around the nation so what we’ve done is we’ve been able to grab all these cash buyers and this is excluding the banks so we take all the banks out of it because that can really skew who the real cash buyers are and we give you all the cash buyers in and around the nation. It is a up-to-date, monthly, cash buyer data feed that you able to use when you find properties that you want to flip.

We also have the Private Lender Data Feed which is similar to that cash buyer data feed except that it is as you might have guessed a compilation of all the private lenders throughout the nation. You’re able to contact them and network with them to see how they might help you fund some of your deals. Everyone knows right now that private money is one of the best ways to get money for your real estate deals. Long-term or short-term it doesn’t really matter because typically they lend based on the deal itself so it doesn’t really matter what your credit score is or how much money you’re making, it’s all based on the deal.

We also have our Four Pillars of Real Estate program. This all-in-one training program shows you from start to finish how to find and close your first or next real estate deal. The techniques and strategies shared in this training are used daily by one of the nations most successful real estate entreprenuers, Cameron Dunlap. One of the most incredible pieces to this training is being able to use Cameron’s money to fund ALL of your deals without paying fees or points (and this is the only place you can get free funding). You’ll also have access to all of the deals you could ever need, all of the cash buyers you could ever need, and access to a system that will help you automate your entire real estate business. Get everything you need to make money in Real Estate Investing in one package!

We also have our Real Estate Skip Trace service. With the Real Estate Skip Trace system you can now find missing, hard-to-find, needle-in-a-haystack sellers that your competition can’t touch. Typically, the harder the home owner is to find, the better and more profitable the deal! Start doing more deals that nobody else even knows about!

Then we also have one of our newest products, the Vacant House Data Feed. This is a nationwide database that provides you access to verified vacant houses anywhere in the country. Simply search a zip code or county and all the verified vacant houses are served to you on a silver platter. It’s really that easy! Find the best deals so you can make huge profits.

Then we have my Inner Circle. This is something that I truly appreciate and something that I am very devoted to. This is personal access to me, twice a month, on a call where you’ll be able to ask all your questions and get personal feedback from me and personal responses from me. I spent a lot of time with my students and they very much appreciate all the feedback and support that I give them. This is something I wish I had when I was first starting out.