Cash Buyers for Real Estate

cash buyersI’ve been in real estate as an investor since 1993. In that time you may have met me or heard about me. I’m Cameron Dunlap and I started selling houses and teaching the art of investing in the early 1990’s. I’ve been doing both as a full time job ever since. I love solving problems and that’s what I get to do each day with my students and my clients.

Closing transactions is one of the most important tasks in real estate. Without a closing, you won’t get a paycheck and you need money to live, plain and simple. I’m guessing that’s why you’re here, to make a larger, steadier paycheck.

I’m excited to share with you the Cash Buyer Data Feed. This is a list of ongoing cash buyers that we update daily. We find cash buyers through public records and share them with you. These are buyers who have paid cash for a property within the past 30 days. Within a regular month, we will input as many as 30k new buyers in the data feed. This creates an ongoing Cash Buyer Data Feed.

Everyone knows that cash buyers are the best buyers in real estate. At the closing table, there will be no final hurdles to cross and minimal hassles throughout the process. They aren’t relying on funding and you aren’t stuck waiting on everything to clear in order to close. Probably everyone in the real estate business who has done any volume of sales has had a deal fall through due to non-sufficient funding or failed inspections and this is discouraging. You don’t get paid for all the work. Sometimes the deal will fall through early on or it can hours before the closing is supposed to happen. Talk about frustrating!

People who buy properties for cheap prices are investors and they are also cash buyers. These are the buyers who will not walk away from a good deal. They are the landlords and rehabbers in the market today as they make it happen for the right price and to me are the best in the business. A cash buyer, in my opinion, is the fastest and easiest way to close a deal.

This is actually an experiment. This short video and this program are being made available to you for a limited time of only $1.97. This is a limited time offer and only available to the first groups of people to sign up. This incredible trial offer is open to anyone who visits this page for the next several days and will have access to the system for 30 days at $1.97.

This is not information that I normally just give out to everybody who expresses interest in the program but I make it available to my closest associates, my mentoring students, and those within my organization. We are going to see how this experiment goes in order to see how many people sign up for this limited time offer. I only want to accept a small number of people and then shut the page down. If you are able to see this page, then the offer is still available and you need to act fast. The spaces will fill up and if you aren’t in, you’ll wish you were included. If you wait until you think about it more or want to sign up later, the page may be down and the availability is gone.

I want to reiterate that this is a short term offer, an experiment and to see how far it will go. You will be able to use this information if you are in real estate or even thinking about investing. The information contained within the Cash Buyer Data Feed will be useful to you because there are two main reasons people get out or are unsuccessful in real estate: they don’t have a paycheck in sight and they don’t make offers because they don’t know if they can sell it in the long run.

Everyone needs confidence to do their jobs effectively. By having a long buyers list, you will have the ability to make more offers which means more deals. A simple equation goes something like this, more offers, means more paychecks, and that means a higher income for you. This buyers list will give you the ability to create more deals and close them quickly and efficiently.

I’m also in the funding business and I help make the deals happen for people who are buying and reselling. They are wholesalers and I close transactions quickly. This data is invaluable to them as they move properties through buying and selling. I don’t normally do this but I’m making this available to a small group of people for a limited time who want to learn more and benefit from it. It was only available in the past to my closest associates but I want you to have this unique opportunity. Cash Buyers Data Feed will be a great benefit for you in your real estate business.

The majority of real estate professionals have built their networks, clientele, and personal business from the ground up. We are resourceful people who do a lot on our own so you may be thinking you can find the information on your own. After all, you’ve done research in the records department before and know how to find property records but could you come up with the volume of cash buyers every month that we provide? Possibly with an assistant and your time devoted to it you could but wouldn't that cost more than $50 a month? After the 30 day trial for $1.97, the monthly cost for this list is only $49.95.

With the Cash Buyer Data Feed, you’ll have access to buyers across America. You are not limited to your state or town. The next time you travel to see family or friends, make it a business trip and a write off by closing deals while you’re there. This system can increase your quality of life and give you the opportunity to enjoy life. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

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