iFlip 2.0 – Automated Business System For Real Estate Investors

If you’ve found this site, then you are probably looking for some quality information on real estate and investing from Cameron Dunlap, the mastermind behind the iFlip 2.0 system. By taking your real estate business to a whole new level of automation, you will change the way you do business. Take the time to hear from actual users and students who use the iFlip 2.0 system to grow their real estate business.

iflipI’ll start off by saying thanks for coming to our site and I’d like to personally welcome you. My name is Cameron Dunlap and I’m a practicing real estate investor. I like to emphasize the fact that I currently work deals – because the market does change, and because I work in it on a daily basis, I know what is happening. Too many times you will find advice from investors who made it big years ago but haven’t adapted their strategies for today’s tough market. I buy and sell on a regular basis. The obstacles facing investors are increasing on a daily basis and because I work in the field, I know the changing laws and regulations. These laws also bring great opportunity, as some in the business won’t bother to keep up with it all and will just leave the business. I personally think it is one of the best times to be in real estate investing. When you know what to do, you will be successful.

On a side note, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you may wind up paying a hefty price for that lack of knowledge. Your name, reputation, credit, and your business will be put in jeopardy with one bad deal. Keep reading and I’ll explain how to have that NOT happen to you and work deals the right way. The iFlip way!

I’ve worked in real estate for over 20 years and I know it has changed a lot in that time. I’ve watched the markets change in that time from positive to negative and everything in between. When I was starting out, I made the mistake of trying to do it all on my own. It was a problem due to my perfectionist tendencies which meant I had to do everything and no one would do it as well as I could. My first investment property was a foreclosure that needed a lot of work. I planned on it taking me 5 weekends and I would do it all on my own. I had to drive over 5 hours one way to get there and it ended up taking me 18 weeks! It was an ordeal but the experience I gained was priceless.

I did wind up making a $12,000 profit on that house and learned a lot of about efficiency and processes that would help me in the future turn an even greater profit. My students and I are currently working this system and making money. The iFlip 2.0 system is already developed and you are able to jump in and start using tried and true methods. You don’t need to create strategies, systems, or use trial and error but you can use our methods and start making money.

Time wasted is something you will never get back so don’t do it! This method has already been perfected through my experience and my time. iFlip 2.0 allows you to leverage your time into more profitable activities. It is a tool that takes care of things within the field of investing so I don’t have to, which saves me time and money in the long run. It is real estate automated like never before. This system works and when you use it, you’ll see how easy it is to start making money right off the bat.

Finding properties to purchase is one of the most time consuming tasks you will do as an investor but that is not a wise use of your time. Driving through neighborhoods, scribbling down addresses, and using your time and gas is not something you need to do. You are on alert wherever you go and that is how it should be. Hiring a bird dog is the easiest way to find properties and let you concentrate on closing the deals.

iFlip 2.0 was designed as a way to help manage bird dogs as a particular area. The program will train the bird dogs for you and you are not wasting your time with explanations. They need to know what an ideal property looks like and how to enter it into the system. You will likely wind up with hundreds of bird dogs so it would be next to impossible for you to close any deals if you were constantly training the bird dogs. The automated system of iFlip 2.0 cuts down on you being available to them for training and questions and provides some extra income for a willing person. It is really a great way for people to make extra money and for you to get some great leads.

Within the iFlip 2.0 system, you will even learn how to find the bird dogs by using a template to attract people to the open position. The files available can be used on various sites to appeal to potential bird dogs and secure them on your team. Then the iFlip 2.0 systems will train them and manage them so when your bird dog finds an ideal property, they are automatically paid. That is one less worry as they are paid per property about $10-$15 based on the quality and number of leads.

Now with that qualified lead, your bird dog paid, you are already moving into what you do best. This hot lead is in your hand and you secured the property. You may call a listing agent with whom you work (more training on that later) and you start to find a buyer. This system comes with buyers from across the nation. Their names and information are something we paid good money to acquire and they are buyers who want a profitable deal. When you use this system, you too have access to these eager buyers.